The Bike Kitchen offers three different workshop series. We keep our workshop prices low to make them accessible to as many folks as possible. However, if the fees present a barrier to participation, you can email and request to have some or all of the fees waived.

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bike basics

Bike Basics is our most beginner level workshop. In this 3 hour long workshop, you will get hands on experience giving your own bike some care and using the Bike Kitchen’s DIY tool share.

Bring your bike to get to know how it works! If you do not have one to work on, let us know and we can provide a bike.



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Members $15
Non-members $20


Intro to Mechanics.png

During four interactive sessions, you’ll learn about bike tools, parts and the inner workings of our two-wheeled friends. Workshops run for four weeks on Thursday nights from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. REGISTER HERE for October 2019!

Knowledgeable mechanics will guide you through the basics of repairing and maintaining each system on the bicycle. Demonstrations are provided in a friendly and supportive environment with small class sizes.

Everyone is welcome! No bike required! If you do own a bike, we recommend that you bring it with you so that you can practice repairs on your own bike under the supervision of our instructor – it’s a great way to get to know your bike!



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4 Workshops
Members $75
Non-members $100


Mech 201.png

Mechanics 201 offers an opportunity for folks with some mechanical experience to completely overhaul their bikes over eight weeks and under the guidance of an experienced mechanic. Workshops take place on Thursday nights from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

Each workshop will walk the participants through stripping, cleaning, and refurbishing their bike, system by system. By the end of the workshop, participants will have increased familiarity with their own bike, a completely overhauled and tuned bike, and a basic understanding of part compatibility.

To be eligible for this course you must have completed our Intro to Mechanics Workshop series or have equivalent experience. If you are not sure if you qualify for this workshop, please e-mail



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7 Workshops
Members $120
Non-members $140



Book us

You can book the Bike Kitchen to present a customized workshop for your organization, club, staff, or any group that wants to learn more about bikes and cycling!

We offer seven comprehensive modules, from which you can pick and choose so that each workshop is tailored to your group. The topics range from bike touring, to commuting, to basic maintenance.

A description and the approximate run-time of each module is listed in the Module Guide. We ask that you select a minimum of two modules.

To request a workshop, please contact  A staff member will be in touch within three business days to discuss the details of your request.