The Bike Kitchen has a small library of cycling related books for everyone to enjoy. We have books on a variety of topics, from maintenance to cycling culture. The library is located in the programs office. If you wish to browse the book titles, please visit during office hours. Anyone can read our books in the shop and Bike Kitchen members can sign them out for two weeks at a time.

Browse our online catalogue, sorted by author last name, or scroll to the bottom and select the category you wish to view.


Cycling Initiative Grants

Have a great idea that you want to get rolling but need some initial funds? The Bike Kitchen helps to support cycling in our community with our Cycling Initiative Grants. Read the Application Guidelines and apply HERE.


Bike Rides Database

Interested in taking a bike ride around Vancouver or BC? This database has a selection of short rides within Vancouver, longer rides that venture around the lower mainland, as well as overnight trips. Explore our database and let us know if you have any ride suggestions!


Cycling Resource Guide

We have compiled and created a variety of resources to make our knowledge and resources accessible to all.