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our mission

We provide students and the wider community with an accessible environment where they can learn to fix bicycles, share resources, and work together. We engage in cycling education, outreach and advocacy to promote biking as a safe and sustainable means of transportation.

Sustainability and responsible consumption are important parts of the Bike Kitchen’s mission. That is why we recycle and reuse bicycles – not only does it keep bikes out of the landfill, but it also enables us to build bikes out of used parts for our various programs.



The AMS Bike Co-op was founded in the spring of 1998 by a group of very dedicated students and the support of the AMS and Trek. The original purpose of the co-op was to build a shared fleet of purple and yellow bicycles that could be used by students to reduce the number of car trips on campus. This initiative was hugely successful and continues to be a foundation of the Co-op’s programming. The Co-op continued to expand its programs after P+Y was well-established, gaining a dedicated core of volunteers and becoming a hub for cycling on campus.

The most ambitious project of the Bike Co-op was to launch a nonprofit community bike shop, the Bike Kitchen. The Bike Kitchen was founded in 1999 through the support of BEST and with the help of Our Community Bikes. The shop was established to provide a space for students and other community members to learn how to use our tools to maintain, repair, and build their own bicycles. The Bike Kitchen also recycles abandoned and donated bikes to provide students and the wider community with reliable and reasonably priced bicycles and parts. In 2017 we partnered with the City of Vancouver in an effort to keep bikes out of the landfill and get them back in the hands of community members.

Today, the AMS Bike Co-op and Bike Kitchen work together to deliver programs that aim to make cycling more accessible for people all throughout the Lower Mainland.


Meet Our Staff

Sunny  - Programs Manager

Sunny - Programs Manager

Stasia -  Programs Mechanic

Stasia - Programs Mechanic

Anja -  Junior Mechanic

Anja - Junior Mechanic

Alex -  Shop Manager

Alex - Shop Manager

Pablo -  Senior Mechanic

Pablo - Senior Mechanic

Ali -  Junior Mechanic

Ali - Junior Mechanic

Jeremy -  Shop Assistant Manager

Jeremy - Shop Assistant Manager

Jesse -  Senior Mechanic

Jesse - Senior Mechanic

Ian -  Junior Mechanic

Ian - Junior Mechanic

Jordan -  Sustainability Coordinator

Jordan - Sustainability Coordinator

Casey -  Mechanic

Casey - Mechanic

Jacob -  Junior Mechanic

Jacob - Junior Mechanic


meet our board of directors

Organized as a student club under the AMS, the AMS Bike Co-op and Bike Kitchen is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by our members at our Annual General Meeting. The board is the heart of our community initiatives, helping to develop and facilitate programs and events.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, be sure to come to our AGM held every March. You can also contact us to find out how you can get involved today!

Kevin -  President

Kevin - President

Monica -  Board Member

Monica - Board Member

Shreyas -  Board Member

Shreyas - Board Member

Peter -  Board Member

Peter - Board Member

Nate -  Board Member

Nate - Board Member

Roy -  Board Member

Roy - Board Member

Connor -  Advocacy Chair

Connor - Advocacy Chair

Etienne -  Board Member

Etienne - Board Member

Liz -  Board Member

Liz - Board Member

Kieran -  Board Member

Kieran - Board Member

David -  Board Member

David - Board Member