bike storage

Bike cages

In partnership with UBC’s Campus + Community Planning department, the Bike Kitchen offers bike parking cages for UBC students, faculty and staff. Bike parking cages are available for free daytime use, providing covered bike racks within a secure enclosure.

The bike cages are intended for short-term personal bike storage only.
Bikes should not be stored overnight in the bike cages as this increases the chances of break-in.

If you are looking for long-term and/or overnight secure bike storage, please consider applying for a bike locker.
The cages are monitored by Campus Security via CCTVs.

Get Access

All cages are accessible by student or staff cards*. Please allow up to 5 business days for your card to be activated for cage access. Once activated, hold your student or staff card card reader at the bike cage door to access the cage.

Please note, you will not receive a follow up email confirming card has been activated. Your card will remain activated for 1 year and you will not be notified when your card expires.

*If you are a visitor or do not have a staff or student card, please contact our programs office and we will issue you a temporary access card. We require an $8.00 deposit for access cards.


Cage Locations

Fraser River Parkade (6440 Memorial Road)
Health Sciences Parkade (2250 Health Sciences Mall)
Thunderbird Parkade (6085 Thunderbird Boulevard)
West Parkade (2140 Lower Mall)
Allard Hall (822 East Mall)
Aquatic Ecosystems Research Library (AERL, 2202 Main Mall)
Chemistry Building (2036 Main Mall)
Civil and Mechanical Engineering (6250 Applied Science Lane)
Totem Field (2613 West Mall)
Buchanan Tower (1873 East Mall)
Life Building Basement (6138 Student Union Blvd)
Life Building Upper Level (6138 Student Union Blvd)

See map below


Issues registering?

Please ensure that your card is registered with your UBC employee number or student number, not the iClass number.

Certain UBC mail servers have marked our messages as spam in the past. Please ensure that you mark as a safe sender and check your spam folder for missed emails.

If you have any further questions or experience difficulties with the online form, please e-mail

UBC Bike Cage Map 2018.jpg

Bike lockers

Bike locker rentals offer the most secure way to lock up your bike on campus, for daily use or long term storage. Each locker is only accessible by a single renter. Rentals cost $10/month plus a $45 refundable key deposit.

***PLEASE NOTE*** There is a price increase beginning May 1, 2019 for bike locker rentals to $12 / month. You may extend your current rental or begin a new one, for up to 6 months at the current price if you do so before May 1, 2019.

The bike lockers only fit one bicycle. Please note, bicycles with very wide cruiser bars may not fit in the lockers.

You can also apply for access to the free campus bike cages.


Once we receive the registration request, a staff member will check the locker availability and contact you to arrange your rental.

If no lockers are available in your desired location(s), you will be added to a wait list and notified when a space becomes available.


Brock Hall (1896 E Mall) – 40 lockers
War Memorial Gym (6081 University Boulevard) – 12 lockers
Frederic Lasserre Building (6333 Memorial Road) – 8 lockers
David Strangway Building (5950 University Boulevard) – 8 lockers
Henry Angus Building (2053 Main Mall) – 8 lockers
D.H. Copp Building (2146 Health Sciences Mall) – 8 lockers
Neville Scarfe Building (2125 Main Mall) – 8 lockers
Life Sciences Centre (2350 Health Sciences Mall) – 22 lockers
Engineering Design Centre (2345 East Mall) – 6 lockers
Place Vanier Residence (1935 Lower Mall) – 20 lockers
Totem Park Residence (6500 Agronomy Road) – 20 lockers
Chemical & Biological Engineering (2360 East Mall) – 4 lockers
JB Macdonald (2199 Wesbrook Mall) – 12 lockers
Woodward IRC (2194 Health Sciences Mall)  – 6 lockers
HR Macmillan (2357 Main Mall)  – 6 lockers
Fred Kaiser (2332 Main Mall) – 4 lockers
David Lam Learning Centre (6326 Agricultural Road) – 6 lockers
Pharmaceutical Sciences (2405 Wesbrook Mall) – 4 lockers

UBC Bike Lockers Map 2018.jpg